The Indian headnod and Why I have to tell it.

I don’t do it but I know alot of people that get mad when you do it. So to save some unhappy faces I have decided to set these groundrules. It is afterall my responsibility to so; if only to do my part for the collective good. You likely have experiences that can only happen to you because you look the way you look and as such there is value of being vocal at your intersection of the human experience around what is considered “Cultural Appropriation”. It's better coming from somebody that looks the part rather than coming from the guys who brought you PETA.

I almost dont even have an opinion on this Indian Headnod but I think Educating one another is a human thing to do. It’s incredible that somehow I got chosen to write about this. Here is how I made it here. I am a product of our culture wars, I can’t speak the language, I grew up in a mix of diversity and whiteness however I do not identify with the culture that my parents were raised in. As a result we have different world views, different reaction machinery, and due not to location but to technology we have completely different thoughts about the future.

The Indian Headnod is this whole side to side headnod. It looks funny however it is ambiguous but it is also direct. Its stern yet polite. It really can mean anything. It is offensive when it isnt used as a command. This is a mockery and a waste of what could have taken a conversation to another level. I encourage the use of it, and would love to see this cross cultures to cut tension and Re-Unite the United States of America. The Ultimate use-case is how this Headnod can reset the human’s ability to trust other humans. We are emerging from this pandemic lonely and are ready to just go out and experience your first faux-pas since February 2020. Why not bust out the Indian headnod if its the perfect time?

Just do it right. I think the real reason (gen-z,vegans) get up in arms when another group “appropriates” their culture is that they get insecure because the fact is they see a group of people doing “them” better than they did themselves. I know that is a mouthful but if you grew up really interested in Human Social issues, Animal rights, Humanity, and injustice of any kind, you probably did not adopt your “traditional” international culture to the fullest extent. People that look like you do look down upon you for growing up in the US and now your white friends dancing Bhangra in the corn fields. This can be a crazy making situation.

The goal is to unite as a Human Race. We should put forth our difference, and acknowledge that we look and behave different, but we are after the same state of mind. I want to give to the world because nobody else with my access wants to further distribute the power. A collaborative effort is the only thing that will keep this earth goal and that, like everything starts with an individual mind that seeks collaboration. So while I only watched like 3 Indian movies (11 hours of Content) I have brown skin and I accept a level of credibility that I did not ask for. The Indian headnod is yours to do but you must only use it in tough negotiaions for a while until you are relaxed enough to use it in a social gala. There is great power to it, and you can upgrade your life by using it. The Indian Headnod is ours.

Just a Kid fascinated with blending content with style.